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Take Me Out – Lollipopped Chicken Wings


lollipopped chicken wing

Take a step down to 18th Street in Pilsen a bit off of Ashland. You’ll find this charming little wing spot with people shuffling in and out with large carryout boxes of wings. Inside, we decided to linger and take in the whole experience and sat with out group of a half dozen hungry wing eaters. One by one we stepped in line and submitted our orders to the cashier. Everyone was getting wings and everyone was bursting with anticipation of Korean lollipopped chicken wings.

Let’s take a step back, some of you might be wondering, “What is a lollipopped chicken wing?” ¬†Simply put, imagine this – instead of your traditional buffalo wing with the drumette and the flat, these lollipopped wings have pushed all of the meat on the wing onto the drumette, leaving you with one piece of chicken wing with all of the goodies. After they lollipop the wing, they deep fry it and then spin it around in the savory Korean sauce that have come to redefine wing recipes across the country. Sound good? Take Me Out is run by the daughter of the owners of Great Seas Chinese Restaurant in Albany Park which make up one third of the Holy Trinity of chicken wings in the City of Chicago (along with Wings Around the World and Crisp).

Finally, the winner of 2010 Wingfest Best Exotic Wings came flying down on our table. There were mild wings, spicy wings, lollipopped wings, and buffalo wings all dipped in the Korean wing sauce. Korean wing sauce is usually a combination of soy, honey, garlic, and ginger giving you a dizzying does of flavor that can give most other wing sauces a run for their money.  Of course our table had a conspicuous bottle of Sriracha to along with these wings but no one felt any excessive need to douse their wings in it.

Along with the order came some shrimp fried rice and I split some crab rangoon to round out the eats. The end result was great success and the buffalo wings were not in buffalo sauce but were made with the traditional buffalo-style wing cut. Take Me Out is good for bringing in a crowd and the wait won’t be too long. The food presents good value, texture and flavor and there’s plenty of parking on the side streets to avoid the parking fees.