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New Ideas for the Chicago Bucket List


Having the chance to meet quite a few people last week, I took the opporunity to pick their brains and get more ideas for the Chicago Bucket List. There’s nothing better than learning about new in Chicago that I didn’t know about before!

Gina (@gLorinJewelry) from Wisconsin:

1. The Matchbox – drink the Pineapple Gimlet

2. Lill Street Art Center pottery lesson

3. Jump in Lake Michigan

4. Mirai Sushi – Eat the makimono which is spicy octopus and spicy tuna

5. Richard’s – dance and drink margaritas, eat the boneless chicken dinner, and have a hard boiled egg.

I have tried only jumping in Lake Michigan. A trip to Mirai might be well warranted, but where is the best sushi in Chicago without spending $100? I’ve also been over at Ricard’s very briefly but didn’t have ID so I didn’t get a chance to check it out for very long.

Mary (not_contrary) from Louisiana:

1. Eat at Kuma’s

2. Ice skate at Millennium Park

3. Take a boat ride (either architectural boat tour or a sail boat)

4. Go to a Bears / Cubs / Sox game

5. Throw a big party on a roof!

I have eaten a Kuma’s burger and gone skating in Millennium Park. I fell too many times to count and won’t be looking to ice skate anytime soon! It’s funny, every year I tell myself I’m going on a boat tour and totally forget. I’m going to have to take care of this once the weather warms up. Now, where to throw a party on a good roof….

Jeanelle (@chowbelle) from Chicago:

1. Eat at Alinea

2. Eat Mario’s Italian Lemonade

3. Go on the Chicago Architectural Foundation river cruise

4. Sit at the 50-yard line of a Bears game

5. Dance at a set with DJ Kwest-on

6. Listen to jazz at The Green Mill

Alinea, Alinea, Alinea. I’ve the scratch for this but would feel terrible going through so much money for dinner. The juice is likely worth the squeeze but I will have to arrange a crew to go for it. Jazz and slam poetry can be achieved on Sundays at the Green Mill.

Lisa (@Lisa_Pugliese) from Chicago Suburbs:

1. Mario’s Italian Lemonade

2. Architectural river cruise

3. Italian restaurant crawl

4. Italian Beef at Serelli’s

5. Ice cream at Capannari’s in Mount Prospect!!

It’s looking like this Mario’s Italian Lemonade has got to be excellent or something since I’ve heard from no less than half a dozen people about how good it is. Is Serelli’s better than Mr. Beef & Pizza or Jay’s? I may have to go investigate.

Tom Rubin (El_Chorizo) from Oak Forest

1. Pizano’s Pizza

2. Skydive in Sandwich, Illinis

3. Chocolate Bar at the Peninsula Hotel

4. Chicago Ghost Tour

5. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

6. Bachelor’s Grove

With the Peninsula winning some Michelin stars, the Chocolate Bar there should be worth taking a close look at. Sandwich, Illinois frightens me but I have survived a trip out there before. Pizano’s is an unknown but I’ve had the luck to go to school right by one and enjoy their great pies.

Thanks everyone for your ideas, I still have more to post up this weekend!