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New Ideas from the RedEye / Metromix Tweetup


(Source: Metromix Chicago)

One of the finest qualities of a good old fashioned tweetup is that you’re always able to get in touch with a large mass of people, all with divergent opinions, ideas, experience, and expertise. This effect is amplified when you attend a RedEye Metromix party since everyone is out and about and some of the most social beasts in the city. At the recent RedEye / Metromix tweetup at Goose Island, I got to sample some Hefe-Hawks-Win and Big Buff Ale. I also got to sample some of the encyclopedic knowledge of bars, restaurants, and the arts that accompanies the people who come to RedEye / Metromix tweetups. I posed the question, “What would you do if you had to leave Chicago for good?”  Here were some of the answers:

Kathy, @crushgear’s childhood friend, had to complete her own bucket list before moving away recently:

1. Drinks at the Signature Room

2. Go to Second City and catch a show

3. Take the Red Line and take a picture at every stop

4. Bike to Evanston to North Avenue and back

5. Get Pho on Argyle

6. Drive from Museum Campus to Evanston on Lake Shore Drive at night.

A very eclectic mix of activities with lots of travel. The lakefront is one of my favorite courses to navigate, since I can collect Foursquare points faster than a trick or treater can collect candy. I definitely can’t knock off #4 since I’m unable to ride a bike, but I need to add learning how to ride a bike at Lake Michigan on my bucket list. The only question would be who would be brave enough to lend me a bicycle? Stopping at every stop on the Red Line also makes my CTA quest a bit more complicated. Will I take every CTA line in one day or will I stop at each one? The possibilities are endless

@staticfritz won the beer naming contest with his brilliant “Hefe-Hawks-Win!” moniker.

1. Kincaid’s $1.00 beer on Wednesdays

2. Visit the Adler Planetarium and Navy Pier

3. Go to the Modern Art Wing of the Art Institute

4. Visit the local Microbreweries – 3 Floyd’s, Metropolitan, Half Acre, Revolution Brewing, Flossmoor, Goose Island

5. $1 beer at any local bar

Being the winner of the beer naming contest, it’s no surprise that @staticfritz is likely a member of the Beer Appreciation Society. While I have gone to Kincaid’s for $1.00, it’s been awhile and a visit back to amateur hour might be well warranted. Visiting the local microbreweries is definitely on the horizon with 3 Floyds at the top of the list. $1 beer at a local bar is feasible, but I miss the days of 25¢ beer at My Bar that no longer exists.

@CokeHat was wearing a straw hat like myself and I got to pick his brain for some bucket list ideas:

1. Grab a slice of Pizzeria Due

2. Dance to real house at Green Dolphin in the Boom Boom Room

3. Eat a Skyway Dog

4. Eat a Rainbow Cone at 92nd & Western

5. Visit Haunted Trails minigolf off of Harlem.

I love exploring the south side and usually like to line up a few things when I go deep, deep into the south side. The south side is still a part of Chicago and I’m sure there are plenty of people from the south side who don’t venture to the north side on any regular basis. I guess I am a bit south side shy since I don’t know too many people who live down there and don’t know which neighborhoods are safe vs. crazy dangerous. @CokeHat’s ideas are delicious for the foodie in me.

After the tweetup ended, @torihatesyou drove @ErnestWilkins@henjealy@trendyrende, one other guy, and myself from Goose Island to Messner’s. We had to cut our way through Boystown then chugged along through Wrigleyville right after the Cubs game.@torihatesyou displayed her driving mastery while Chicagoans did their best to impede our way. Eventually, we ended up at Messner’s with replay of Uruguay’s slaughtering of South Africa in the background. After awhile, @ErnestWilkins left the bar, Grandma @henjealy had to go to bed, and I decided to bounce too.

Unfortunately, I left the bar and walked a few blocks away before realizing that I had left my backpack in the bar! Fearing losing my darts and camera, I rushed back to find it where I left it – under the table. I had forgotten to ask anyone at Messner’s about their ideas on what is cool to check out in Chicago, so I got a quick rundown.

@letspotteryyall’s list:

1. Get a Whoopski Dog at Superdawg

2. Go swim in Lake Michigan

3. Take a class at Lill Street on Montrose

4. Eat pizza at Spacca Napoli by Sunnyside & Ravenswood and Lou Malnati’s in Lincolnwood

5. Eat Harold’s Chicken Shack on Milwaukee, then have a bacon party

There are some interesting food combinations such as Harold’s Chicken Shack and a bacon party. I don’t know what a bacon party would entail, but it does sound like there would be plenty of crispy bacon. I suppose those with a deathwish should do the deadly daily double of Harold’s Chicken directly followed by bacon! I have definitely had a Superdawg before, but never this Whooski dog. I have set foot in the old Lill Studio and like clay, but haven’t had a chance to try real pottery before.

Finally, former art auctioneer, @trendyrende gave her suggestions for the Chicago Bucket List:

1. Go to Wrigley Field for a ballgame

2. Head to the 59th Street Art Fair

3. Go to Clarke’s for a milkshake and pancakes

4. Catch independent improv at Playground Theatre

5. Find the Mark Chagall paintings in Chicago

The arts seems to be high on the list of things to do with an art fair, improv show, and Marc Chagall. Unfortunately for me, the 59th Street Art Fair was June 5-6th (DOH!). Sixty-two years in the make and I’ll have to catch its sixty-third incarnation next year. I’m a little bit overwhelmed with all of the ideas that everyone’s put together and how to get them all done. Luckily, summer’s just beginning with the solstice on Monday and I have plenty of time for adventuring!

Until next time, friends!

Tweetup Suggestions, Part III


@MarathonMissfit’s (River Grove) List

1. Catch a game at Wrigley Field

2. Go to the Art Institute

3. Party at the lakefront via boat

4. Throw a barbecue at the lakefront

5. See a concert at Ravinia

6. Experience a Chicago St. Patty’s Day

7. See a concert by Lake Michigan in Grant Park

8. Catch a Mexican Ska concert

An extensive list with lots of lakefront activity, too bad our side of the lake is not as clear as the other side of the lake! I will be throwing beerbecues on the lake with certainty!

@AriPaulG’s List

1. Architectural Boat Tour

2. Find the secret trail railroad track

3. Get dim sum

4. See the new Shedd Aquarium show

5. Frank Lloyd Wright architecture tour

Moved back from California two months ago, @AriPaulG has his own to-do list. Dim sum is best served up at Shui Wah, Phoenix, Mountain View, or Furama – my favorite hot spots!

@henjealy’s (Oak Park) list

1. Go to a CUBS game

2. Frank Lloyd Wright architectural tour

3. Skydiving

4. Brunch at the Signature Room

5. Go on the Architectural Boat Tour.

Is the brunch at the Signature Room as good as they say? There’s only one way to find out!!!

Jose’s (Arlington Heights) List:

1. Visit the Art Institute

2. See the Cubs WIN at Wrigley Field

3. Catch a show at the Metro

4. See animals at Lincoln Park Zoo

5. Visit the new Sears Tower Skydeck

@yourretrocareer’s (Chicago) List:

1. Shark’s on 75th – Get the large jack salmon. Get shrimp fried hard with lemon pepper and hot sauce

2. Eat at Hoi Toi – Order shrimp fried rice with broccoli

3. Go to Do Division streetfest

4. Go to Dock’s on 95th & State – Eat the deep sea nuggets family box

5. AP Deli – Order the corned beef / pastrami sandwiches

6. Get Goose Island Shrimp

@yourretrocareer’s got the eye for the south side eats. This list looks legit and I will have a fun time hunting for these eats on the south side!!

Tweetup Suggestions


Stopping by at the RedEye Chicago / Metromix TweetUp (pictures here), I finally got an opportunity to take a closer look inside the Chicago Theatre, and despite being a Chicago icon and landmark, I’ve only happened to pay attention to the Chicago Theatre when I’ve seen signs designating that the Gipsy Kings are in town. Going solo to a Tweetup can be kind of intimidating since it always appears that you’re interrupting someone else’s conversation, particularly if you don’t know them.  Throwing caution to the wind, I knew some of Chicago’s most interesting minds would be at the Tweetup and was glad to see @ErnestWilkins manning the door.

The setup of the Tweetup gave me a cozy feeling and we were all in the lobby of the Chicago Theatre with its sparkling chandelier hanging overhead and vaunted ceilings revealing its magnificence, verifying my location. To double verify my location, I made sure to check in at both the RedEye-Metromix Tweetup at the Chicago Theatre and the Chicago Theatre. The first check in let me know two other people checked in, while the second showed nine on the radar. Since I didn’t know anyone at the Tweetup, logic took over and I immediately helped myself to some Goose Island and went off to try my first Wow Bao. While Wow Bao is no Chinatown or Uptown magical treat, but the barbecue pork bun would make a tasty lunch if I worked closer to Wow Bao.

After my first drink and Wow Bao, I was ready to go and start embracing the spirit of the Tweetup by talking to anyone and everyone that happened to be within a few feet of me. Eventually one of my school chums showed up and introduced me to some more people and I fit right in. Being well-prepared, I pulled my binder out of my backpack and whipped out my blue pen to start my five minute interviews with as many people who had time to help me with their ideas for the Chicago Bucket List. As usual, I got a taste of the unexpected and learned more about Chicago and got the wanderlust back in me.

Here are my findings:

Naywri from Chicago thinks that before he would leave Chicago, he would:

1. See a Bears game at Soldier Field

2. Pay off debts that he owes to people

3. Pay bills before he leaves

4. Go to the House of Blues

5. Eat pizza from Lou Malnati’s

6. Grab some Harold’s Chicken Shack

Not a bad list, although I have definitely done everything off of the list. Not too sure he understood the concept when he mentioned paying off debts, but to each their own!

Karen from Beverly thinks she would:

1. Eat pizza at Milano’s, Eduardo’s and Palerno’s

2. Go on an Architectural Boat Tour

The Architectural Boat Tour seems to be one of the most coveted things that people want to do before they leave Chicago, this definitely goes on the list!

@crushgear’s List:

1. Check out the bells after Sunday mass at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel in Hyde Park

2. Run the half marathon

3. Ride the Red Line from top to bottom

4. Repeat all the steps from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

5. Get to the top of the InterContinental Hotel

6. Fly a helicopter

7. Fly an airplane over Chicago

8. Get in the RedEye

I need to refresh my memory and take a second look at Ferris Bueller’s Day Off because it sure is an adventure. Blues Brothers would also be a cool trek and both would get me a spiffy foursquare On Location badge!

@megamoto’s List:

1. Eat at the Depot in Bridgeport. Apparently, the menu rotates and usually only has five menu items and I should try the pork chop burger.

2. Canoe down the Chicago River.

3. Go on a Segway Tour

4. Ride the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

I’m not an experienced kayaker / canoer, so I am a little wary of going down the Chicago River for fear of capsizing and ruining my phone and being drenched in Chicago’s finest wastewater.

googamooguy’s (Palos Park) List:

1. Go to Montrose Harbor and picnic with friends

2. Go on an Architectural Boat Tour

3. Pay a visit to Hot Doug’s

4. Get Italian Ice from Tasty Freez on Armitage and California or Nikko’s on Sacramento and Palmer

5. Climb the stairs all the way up the Sears Tower

We have some Chicago classics and some new ideas on everyone’s list. Tomorrow I will update with the rest of everyone’s suggestions before I have to start hitting the books for an econometrics midterm: hooray!!