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#42 – Eat a Sundae at Margie’s Candies


After watching Les Bleus crash into flames and infamy during the World Cup, the time was nigh for a trip to one of Chicago’s oldest ice cream parlors. Of course, I’m talking about Margie’s Candies which has been a Chicago mainstay and institution since 1921. It was a sweltering day and I couldn’t imagine a more refreshing snack than to pay a visit Margie’s for the first time to try the sundae.

Inside, memorabilia from days past greeted me as well as vintage furniture and decorum. Kind of like stepping into an older person’s home, trinkets from yesteryear dotted most surfaces and I was seated at a comfy booth. A cool looking jukebox sat affixed to the booth, but I didn’t bother to check if it actually worked!

Sitting in my booth, I looked at the gargantuan menu of ice cream and dessert treats. There was a $30 super mega ice cream sundae on the menu, but I didn’t have the manpower or backup to tackle that beast. I decided on a chocolate sundae and listened while two older southern women marveled at the menu with the same anticipation. The women decided on sundaes all the same and all of a sudden, this dropped onto the table:

Two scoops of chocolate bliss stood staring at me. Some hot fudge was ready to go while the nuts and the whipped cream made this classic chocolate sundae a monstrous snack. Margie’s was nice and cool inside and the ice cream let me escape from the reckless heat outside. The peanuts added an extra layer of texture and I couldn’t help dabbing my vanilla wafer cookie all over my sundae to scoop up every last bit of tastiness. For less than $10 I was transported into a magic wonderland even without needing anyone to keep me company. It was a delightful dessert and I can’t wait to try again!