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Attend A Warehouse Party

Sponsored by Four Loko

Sponsored by Four Loko

Everyone in Chicago should attend a warehouse party once in their lifetime before they leave this magnificent city.  Warehouses parties are fun, chaotic, and great amusement!

This week’s party was a Lollapalooza Afterparty courtesy of Four Loko.  Four Loko if you recall was originally an alcoholic energy drink, but since they’ve been banned they’ve remade their formula to clock in at a dazzling 12.5% ABV.

We took an Uber to the secret party location which turned out to be Moonlight Studios on the near west side.  It was hidden and the Uber driver had a hard time finding it but the unmistakable line of people made sure we were in the right spot.  Once in the line we waited awhile with some people not knowing what was going on and some people ready to rock.

DJ WhooKid

DJ WhooKid

Once we got in, there were free sunglasses handed out, purple lights everywhere and a wicked sound system blasting out that bass.  Four Loko flew at high velocity as the bartenders worked furiously to dish out drinks to all attendees.  Knowing that the stage would crowd up once Wacka Flocka Flame showed up, I camped out in front of the stage way before anyone else had the same idea. DJ WhooKid opened it up and got the people moving in an opening set that was a perfect pre-game.

Wacka Flocka Flame

Wacka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka was wicked, leading the rapping and people filling in all of the words I didn’t know.  Eventually he ran out into the crowd and started rapping right in the middle of everybody!

Not being a fan of live rap, this was by far one of the greatest shows I had ever witnessed – Waka Flocka is a terrific performer, dancing, rapping, getting the whole crowd amped up.  When the hot girls started dancing on stage he didn’t stop them, but he did spray everyone with some fine Andre sparkling wine and Four Loko!

The crowd rules

In the end the hot girls began to dance on stage then everybody and their mom bum rushed the stage.  Me being in the front, I then had to fight a deluge of people rolling up on the stage.  It was awesome, Wake Flocka pulled a mission accomplished and the night was a raging success.

Thanks, @fourloko for the bad ass party.  Nothing beats #lokonation !!!

Tweetup Suggestions, Continued


After taking an Econometrics exam, I wanted to get some relaxing done by taking a long walk down the bike trails and get some of the warm fresh air I had been waiting for since deep winter. Continuing on with suggestions from Saturday’s Tweetup, I was locked up studying for midterms yesterday!

@ErnestWilkin’s List

1. Left field concourse at U.S. Cellular Field, Kosher beef hot dog with onions, mustard, and curly fries

2. Go to the 13 inch Softball Hall of Fame

3. Eat at Zacateco right before Oak Lawn, get the carne asada dinner

4. Go to Taurus Express and get the double steak

5. MacArthur’s – Soul food try to get everything

These are some excellent choices since I’ve never tried any of these places! I’m going to have fun exploring the deep south for some ridiculously delicious food while dodging bullets!

@bettychn’s List

1. Architectural Boat Tour

2. Go to Cubs or Sox game for beer, nachos, and hot dogs

3. Attend Lollapalooza

4. Join a summer sports team

The boat tour definitely makes the cut. Lolla and Pitchfork may stay off my radar since they both have my kryptonite: sun and mega crowds!!!

Puran’s (from Bombay) List

1. Best place to make out – Field Museum late at night in the big field between the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium

2. Visit one suburb (any – they are all the same!)

3. Go on Michigan Avenue north on the inner drive to Lincoln Park

4. Walk east of the bike trail along Belmont Harbor

5. Run in the rain drunk at 2am

I think Puran’s list is like many native Chicagoan’s lists, doing their favorite thing and going to their favorite places.

@stephanieakelly’s (Munster, IN) List

1. Pick a train and go from the first stop to the last

2. Go to Garfield Observatory in the winter

3. Get a foot long hot dog and onions at Wrigley Field

4. Spend an afternoon at Montrose dog beach

5. Head over to the top of the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Signature Lounge

6. Take the long way home

7. Choose a different neighborhood and explore it for a day