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Andre’s Bucket List


Wicker Park resident and good friend of mine Andre has declared his list. Taking it fresh with the southside perspective, Andre is a local celebrity with his insights and knowledge of the land.

1. Visit The Sears Tower
2. Wings at High Dive & Wings Around The World
3. Drive Michigan Ave & Lake Shore Drive late at night
4. Ride my bike down the bike trail by the lake from Hyde Park to North Ave Beach
5. Drink at Moonshine/Brunch at Moonshine
6. Breakdance at The Funky Buddha Lounge
7. Eat a Steak Sweet @ Home of The Hoagy
8. Sit on the Rocks and make out @57th Street beach
9. Play B-Ball on the South Side
10. Cubs game on a sunny Friday afternoon @ Wrigley
11. Take a yacht out on Lake Michigan
12. Green Mill
13. Harold’s Chicken/Uncle Remus Chicken
14. Drinks @ Hopleaf
15. Taste of Chicago

Like Kurt’s list, native Chicagoans prefer a last goodbye by doing things, taking in locations, or eating at beloved familiar places.

A Mini-Bucket List Trip


A friend of mine unexpectedly dropped into town for her spring break and we decided to meet up after not hanging out in a couple of years. The meeting point was The Museum of Contemporary Art, which worked for me since I had never been there before!

Greeted by strange figures without rhyme nor reason, it reminded a bit of Centre Pompidou in Paris, which holds one of the world’s largest modern art museums. Inside there were dark rooms behind curtains, we found strange music, lights, and kids sitting down trying to make out on a bench in the corner of the room.

I have never been knowledgeable about, let alone modern art and found myself highly amuse by the ridiculousness of some of the art exhibits. One person’s ridiculousness is another person’s perception of the highest degrees of modern art. Either way, I felt it was time to have some fun and take funny pictures since art breeds art. One man’s comedy is another man’s art!

One of the more interesting aspects of the museum was that the structure and space itself could be perceived as a work of art. Hallways had vaunted ceilings and wide open space gave my eyes the independence to move about and take in the whole scene and enjoy having room. I sometimes wonder who invented the first art gallery and who ultimately decided that all art museums must have high ceilings and roominess to house all of the art. One of my favorite things about the Museum of Contemporary Art was magnificent winding stairwell leading to a bond at the bottom.

After finishing up at the MCA, we decided a trip to Water Tower would be appropriate. I honestly have never walked up to the top of the Water Tower and probably haven’t stepped into it in almost fifteen years. Inside we were thoroughly disappointed to find the way up were chained off, but we were able to get a glimpse of this lion fountain.

What trip to Chicago would be complete without a trip up to the John Hancock Signature Lounge? What’s funny is that my friend is from Chicago, but she’s been away for so long I guess she was due to do some touristy things just to be reminded of home. Below, a picture of the lakefront from the top of the Hancock.

The Beginning


It was my great intention to start the Chicago Bucket List today but I lost my wallet last night. Instead I will make a checklist on things I will need to do to get my identity back

1. Cancel and replace all credit and debit cards

2. Order birth certificate

3. Replace School ID

4. Replace ChicagoPlus CTA Fare Card (Can’t do because I just cancelled my cards)

5. Send in application for Social Security Card

6. Replace Drivers License

7. Obtain State ID

After this process is complete, I will be able to go on with my scheduled weekly activities.

Monday 3/22 – Class

Tuesday 3/23 – Dart Practice No ID

Wednesday 3/24 – AIR concert / Windy City Darters captain’s meeting No ID

Thursday 3/25 – Dinner + bowling with family

Friday 3/26 – Yelp Elite Event No ID

Saturday 3/27 – Workshop + Dim Sum & Bubble Tea trip

Sunday 3/28 – Wings Around the World

The long waiting game begins, but at least I’ll have a debit card by Tuesday which means I will have to live on spare change until then.