AIR at the Riviera Theatre


Every once in awhile while looking at blue moons, music comes into your life and causes an utter paradigm shift changing everything you ever thought that you knew about music. It was during a weekend trip to New York that the musical landscape changed permanently and I found a new favorite band. The sun was rising, we had been up all night and AIR’s song Sexy Boy filled the room. It was the dawn of a new day.

Finally, after many years of waiting for AIR to come back into town from France and everywhere else they travel in the world, I had great friends who took care of my ticket. Antsy that I wouldn’t be able to get in the Riv without ID, my friend gave me $40 on top to throw to the bouncer in case they wouldn’t let me in. I went in first and was super nervous that I’d get shown the door and have to scalp my ticket outside. No such luck! The powers that be bended to my cause and I was let in without fuss and only a moderate pat down. Consider me lucky!

Thanks, boys!

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