Update on the Identification Project


It’s been a long day but the chain has begun to move slowly

1. Cancel and replace all credit and debit cards

2. Order birth certificate

3. Replace School ID

4. Replace ChicagoPlus CTA Fare Card

5. Send in application for Social Security Card

6. Replace Drivers License

7. Obtain State ID

Since now have cards with my signature on it, then I can just wait for my birth certificate and produce new identification. I am almost me again!

Monday 3/22 – Class

Tuesday 3/23 – Dart Practice No ID

Wednesday 3/24 – AIR concertWindy City Darters captain’s meeting No ID

Thursday 3/25 – Dinner + bowling with family

Friday 3/26 – Yelp Elite Event No ID

Saturday 3/27 – Workshop + Dim Sum & Bubble Tea trip

Sunday 3/28 – Wings Around the World

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