Butcher and the Burger

Butcher & The Burger

Butcher & The Burger

I stopped into Butcher & The Burger as my friends had tried the place for lunch and absolutely loved it! Pre-gaming before Whirlyball, Butcher & Burger was filled with Friday night hungry diners enjoying some BYOB while waiting for their food. In line I got a good view of the menu which made me hungrier with each passing second!

What did I try?

The thing about Butcher & The Burger is that you’ll have an array of options at your disposal and they’ll never get it wrong since the burger clerk punches your order into a neat machine.

Patty:  Natural & Local House Blend Beef

Spices: Chicago Steakhouse

Bun: Split Top Egg Butter

Extras: Goat Cheese, Wasabi Mayo, Bacon

Add fries and root beer and you’ve got yourself a classic Chicago meal. The dizzying array of choices gives you maximum control on what you get on your burger as opposed to some other places where you’ll get a whole bunch of stuff and pick stuff off one by one.

How was it?

Firstly, the fries come out super crisp and weren’t dried out. I don’t know what they do, but every place in Chicago should take a lesson from Butcher & Burger and cook fries with this texture. Some garlic and lemon juice would have been welcome, but the fries were awesome!

The burger was a test in discipline, could you go your entire meal resisting the urge to shove the whole burger in your mouth and consume in three bites?  While it was difficult, the civilized side of me refrained.  I had a seat by the cooking area and was very happy to eat quality ingredients put together to seduce your taste buds all made to order and served on a cute wooden chopping board.

Butcher & Burger will give most places a run for their money with latitude to customize your boiga and crisp crisp fries as their best qualities. Had I been hungrier I would have tried the chorizo chili but I will save that for next time!

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