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Searching far and wide for ideas and spreading word that I have started this blog while I was away in Baltimore, it was great to get home and see that more ideas were submitted. Here are the latest ideas, from @brandi_w60!!

1) Overnight stay at the Field Museum
2) Dance at the Sears Tower in the cubes
3) Dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab
4) Camping and hiking at Starve Rock
5) Speed down Lakeshore drive at 3am
6) Bike the Drive and not pay for it
7) Egg Daley’s house at 4am
8) Pull the biggest prank by calling in an awning company and replacing all the Macy crap and returning it to Marshall Field’s
9) Have an actual bar hop, make all the ladies dress in poodle skirts and all the men to dress like greasers and then go from bar to bar
10) BBQ at the beach in the middle of winter with a heated tent to serve all my friends
11) Join the Polar Bear Club of Chicago and jump in the lake at least once during the winter
12) Ride in the express elevator at the Sears Tower and jump when it got to the right floor
13) Run around Northwestern Hospital in a hospital bed race
14) Chiditerod! Need I say more?
15) Skydive onto Wrigley Field during a Cubs Game at night
16) Prank call the Presidents Chicago home
17) Tour the Goose Island Brewery
18) Have pizza from every Chicago pizzeria
19) Give more crap back to the servers at Dick’s Last Resort that they hire me as a server and I refuse
20) Wine and dine at the most expensive place in Chicago and then whine and cry about the bill
21) Ride the short bus of Chicago’s CTA fleet
22) Do my duty as a civil servant as a juror of a murder trial and be the last man to hold out and then say I was just kidding lets hang’em
23) Paint a mural on the basketball court at Foster beach that is so beautiful the people stop playing basketball there
24) Watch the Cubs win the world series at home
25) Watch the Bears lose to the Packers again
26) Watch the Sox get sold to an owner that moves them to Alaska
27) Watch the Hawks win the Stanley Cup (This might be the year!)
28) And in closing of my bucket list, I would pull the same pranks that the Blues brothers did in Chicago and feel proud of myself!

Now this is a serious list! Perhaps I will write a longer blog about my experience in the Chiditarod, it was grueling and hilarious all at once!

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2 Responses to “@Brandi_w60’s List”

  1. Brandi says:

    An, thyis is just the beginning of my list. I have so many other things that I want to do before I die in Chicago. I know I have some time but my body is sure to give out before I get them all done. LOL I will edit my list when I get some free time 😉

  2. Treo says:

    Re: #5. I’ve done this, and I suggest you be handy with driving in anger. The curves on the LSD seem easy at typical highway speeds, even up to 80 in most cases. But as someone that has sped on the drive at 3am, foot on the floorboard in an ’85 Chevy Cavalier (87MPH is all she’d do) against the wall in the left lane, I can tell you that I definitely called upon my knowledge of racing. You should be really comfortable with the car you’re driving too. The drive is a particularly bad place to wreck.

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