#61 – Try a Chicago Food Truck

The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck

Get your mac & cheese here!

After having a blast at The Southern last week, it was only appropriate to take a peek at their food truck. It just so happened that The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck was stopping by the office this week so I rounded some colleagues up for a trip to the food truck. We left early to beat the line and arrived at Kinzie and Franklin wondering when the truck would finally show up. One lady was pacing and circles and no one knew which street corner to wait on. Hitting up Twitter, @thesouthernmac let me know not to get my panties in a bunch and that they’d be there in seven minutes.

Southern Mac Truck

The Southern Mac Truck

Seven minutes later and a step across the street, and I found myself the first one in line! The guy inside told me that it’d be seven minutes and he was right. Looking at the menu, Truffle-Infused White Cheddar mac & cheese it was! Coworkers got some chorizo and pepperjack, along with some other flavors. The ordering was quick since the food is packed up and ready to go and they’ll be kind enough to take your card if you don’t have cash on you.

Back at the desk, I inspected the goods. The cheese sauce looked thick and there was plenty of cheese with some shaved cheese and a darker baked layer. Each bite was rich flavor and the mac and cheese sure beat getting lunch at any of the regular downtown hot spots. By the time I finished, another coworker asked me what took me so long.

Truffle Infused White Cheddar

Truffle Infused White Cheddar

Next time you are downtown in the office looking for something new to eat, consider chasing down a food truck. They all have Twitter and will let you know where they’ll be and show up on time. @thesouthernmac did not disappoint and I can’t wait to try my next food truck!

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