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Have a drink at Ola’s Liquor

Old Style at Ola's

Old Style at Ola's

Very few times in my life have I had the chance to go to a liquor store bar.  Generally when I think of liquor store bars, I think of serious dives with cheap drinks and hijinks.  Going to this bar my friend recalled that another friend went and tried to order cocktails to which they refused.

It was an idle Tuesday, so we decided to go for some Old Style after a fine meal up the street at Pub Royale.  Divey it was and we found ourselves in the right place.  $2 Old Style flowed freely and we helped ourselves to some rounds.  This bar/liquor store had the Cubs game on and plenty of room in the bar.  One cute girl was drinking but she didn’t stay too long.

Not my kind of place, but I am glad I checked it out – you can never judge a book by its cover.